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Frequently Asked 

Please find our frequently asked questions below, If you are unsure on anything, we are always happy to help. Please contact us below.

Most Popular Questions

Who will be your instructor?

Orange Driver Training is a well established driving school based in Andover. We offer a female driving instructor. The owner is Tracey Daniell who previously worked for Andover Driving School. Orange Driver Training offers driving lessons to provisional and full licence holders as well as full training for those looking to change their career and become a Government Approved Driving Instructor (ADI).

What is included in the theory test?

The theory test also consists of two parts; theory questions and the hazard perception test. The theory questions consist of 50 multiple choice questions about The Highway Code, car maintenance, first aid and safe practises in driving. You must get 43 out of the 50 questions correct in order to pass.

What is the practical test like?

The practical test lasts approximately 35 to 40 minutes. During the test you will be asked to follow the road ahead at all times unless traffic signs or the examiner tells you otherwise. You will be asked to complete one manoeuvre and an independent drive and possibly the emergency stop/controlled stop.

How many lessons will I need to pass my driving test?

This is a popular question and one that is hard to generalise as we all learn at our own individual pace. What we promise is that your lessons will be structured to your specific learning needs, your instructor will only deliver what is needed to enable you to become a safe, confident and competent driver. Tailoring the lesson to suit your learning style will ultimately get you to your driving test faster.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we do offer a generous discount for pre-paid block of 10 hours. This is the most cost effective and efficient way of paying for your lessons. Once paid those lessons will be added to our diary, thus ensuring you get your weekly driving lesson.

Do you offer Free driving lessons? 

Yes we do! Occasionally we offer free driving lessons, These are advertised on our website, Facebook and Instagram, so follow our pages to get notification as soon as we post the offer. These offers when available will enable you to try before your buy!

Will I need to pass my theory test before starting lessons?

All you need to start driving lessons with us is your provisional license and be able to read a number plate at the DVSA required distance of 20 meters. It would be of great benefit to you to start learning the theory as soon as you can as it will improve your knowledge and understanding of the rules of the road, driving laws and safe driving practices. All of which you are tested on in your practical driving test.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Orange driver training offer a full money back no quibble guarantee should you no longer wish to have lessons with us. Terms and conditions apply.

What happens on my first driving lesson?

Your instructor will pick you up from your agreed pick up location. They will introduce themselves to you and you will be asked to show them your driving license and do a quick eye-site check. Your instructor will then ask a series of questions to ascertain a starting point for you. Things like previous knowledge/experience, what you do and don't know and where you would like to practice. Then they will talk to you about how you learn best, don't worry if you're not sure, examples will be given. Then straight on to learning the DVSA syllabus which is on your Student app.

Where do I take my test?

Andover doesn't have a test centre, so you will have a choice of Winchester, Salisbury, Newbury and Basingstoke. When booking a test it is advised that you book where you can practice as being familiar with an area makes you less nervous on the day of your driving test.

Still have more questions?

Why not visit our blog, for answers to more questions about learning to drive.

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